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Who are siddhas

sidhar pulippani logoIt is the greatest gift for a human who get a light on earth. It is the siddha’s who showed the way to attain divinity for a human. Eventhough there are principles which safe that no one can known river mouth and origin of suge but we are following the art of siddha’s and the methods what they have practiced in ‘Athmartham and Paratham’. The siddha’s are those who concentrate their mind and realize ‘the siva’. The siddha’s are living forever who potrayed the body as temple and to the life as the divine based on the principles of yoga. It is the nature which is the base for science, the knowledge of self. The nature for got water, fire, air, earth and sky in it. It is belived the above said all the pancha bootha’s are existing in the universe and physique. The difference of the Ups and downs of the universe is also there is physique. When the ups and downs exists in the is physique. We get disease. When the same exist in the universe we get natural calanaties. The siddha’s mingled themselves in the panchabootha’s and written to their selves.

The mani’s are those who tried to attain siddha and try to keep themselves in the state of divinity. The muni’s by doing Asana’s, pranayama, meditation, get a strengthened the soul upgraded themselves and keep the life in the body itself and attained the state of yogi from the state of yogi they come out of his body and gathered all the powers of the universe by self realization and realizing the activities of the universe and attain. The gnani from the state of muni’s and gnani’s and upgraded themselves by realizing what they have enjoyed in the universe and attained the state of siddha’s.


The siddha’s understand the power of earth, power of water and power of air and through their power of thabas strengthen themselves and gained the astama siddhi’s and doing all sorts of activities what they have taught in their mind without selfishness and travelled all over the world.


Philosophy of Siddhar

sidhar pulippani logoThe art of yoga, medicines, mantras, varma, astrology, alchemist. Astrology were left out in the palm leaves by the siddhar and they are portrayed a treasure for the people to realize their self. They are written in ‘Paribasha’ style which induces the mind and moves beyond the reasoning sense of human. One should have ‘praptha’ and grace to know and understand the Songs of the siddhar. The songs of siddhar are elaborate and minute in their meaning. It is understood that the ageing and alchemist are very difficult. It is also different to become a siddha in these songs. Many have spent their llife time to understand the songs like Alchemist and the ageing. Purifying the 64 rare herbals called ‘the pashanas’ prepared medicines to cure all the sickness of the physique. They also made awareness to the people that the ordinary herbals which is grown at homes and Jeeva herbals can cure certain diseases.

The main aim of the siddhas  is to understand the physique, life, soul, universe, nature and then to understand their differences and through them attaining the divinity. To prove the philosophy of our siddhar we depend on the palm leaves they left on earth. The Navapashana stature of Palani  shri.Ghanadhandayuthapani  is yet another example to prove their greatness.

The Philosophies of the Siddhar that people aware are Bogar 7000, Bogar 700 Parts, ‘Boghar Janana Sagaram’, ‘Boghar Malai vagadam’, ‘Boghar thirandu’, ‘Pulipani -300’, Astrology, ‘Pulipani Mantras’(Pulipani Mantrigam), Agasthiyar 1200, Agasthiyar 12000 and Macha Muni Perunool 800. All these books are of its kind.



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